7 Reasons Why Dr. Owuor is the Mightiest False Prophet

Have you ever read Psalm 19? It starts by saying … The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork. Such a simple but profound verse. Imagine … literally everything in the sky exists to declare the glory of God. Every morning, when that great orange orb rises from the East to the sweet song of chirping birds, it’s supposed to make us think of the glory of the One who spoke…

How a Wedding Sermon got Adulterated by Bishop …

Have you ever wondered why Jesus never got married? I mean, we know he was fully God; but if he was also fully man, why did he not set a practical example for us of this most sacred human relationship? Was it because he knew he was going to die young and didn’t want to put a wife and children through anxiety and grief? We need not speculate. Have you not read the Scriptures? He himself said…

A Discourse on Grace Amazing

No one in heaven will say “I deserve to be here”, yet the sinners in hell will know they are entitled to every last expression of God’s wrath there. Consider with me then, this grace amazing.

The Black Cat in A Dark Room

Why do preachers often demonize theology? Is it painted in a negative light in order to protect the listeners, or ironically, the preachers themselves?

The Silence after the Sermon

At my church, we have a peculiar tradition at the end of service: after the preacher prays in conclusion, everyone remains silent and bowed for a few minutes.

The uniform, pin-drop silence often catches visitors by surprise. But is there a point? Here’s the reason behind the tradition I’ve come to cherish.